Order Food Without Saying a Word: Pizza Hut Reveals Mind-Reading Menu

Pizza Hut recently announced some great, mouth-watering news for food lovers. The American restaurant chain and international franchise now offers a tablet-based menu, which notes what customers look at and builds a perfect pizza in response.

PizzaInner Thoughts

Customers can order pizza within seconds, using just their eyes.

The so-called “Subconscious Menu” is currently in the testing phase across the United Kingdom, and may move to the United States in the coming months.

The menu appears on a special tablet; it tracks the eye movement of the consumer looking at about 20 different toppings. After a couple of seconds, the technology decides what pizza to order that should suit the customer’s mood.

“This menu innovation really is ahead of its time,” the company spokesperson said. “Finally the indecisive orderer and the prolonged menu peruser can cut time and always get it right, so that the focus of dining can be on the most important part – the enjoyment of eating!”

Pizza Hut says the menu has an algorithm that creates a pizza from potential 4,896 combinations. It gives customers an option to take the suggested pizza or give it another go.

Use of Tablets

In the fast food industry, companies use tablets to their advantage. They see it as a potential tool to help boost profits and increase sales, as tech experts note than consumers prefer to buy if they can order using their gadget.

The digitized meal offers convenience, so customers will no longer spend a lot of time and effort waiting up in line just to buy a pizza.

Pizza Hut organized an experiment with selected customers and journalists, saying the system has had a 98 per cent success rate. It did not immediately provide further information, though.

Broad Revamp

The system is powered by Tobii Technology, a Swedish company known for developing eye-tracking technology.

Pizza hut has teamed up with the company to come up with a new menu, which is due to be available in every remodeled restaurant chain in the United Kingdom.

The Subconscious Menu generates an order based on how long a customer’s eyes remain on images of ingredients on a screen. Pizza Hut believes that the new menu is the right strategy that would improve the experience of customers.

“We love to excite and innovate,” said Pizza Hut’s head of marketing, Kathryn Austin, in the press release. “This year, we’ve redesigned restaurants up and down the country and launched a brand new menu with lots of tasty new options. But, we don’t just want to stop there.”

The move is part of a huge makeover for the chain, which involves a widespread menu expansion.