Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them

Air ConditionAir conditioning systems don’t just provide comfort in cooling your home, they also help you prevent the adverse effects of poor air quality due to hot weather and high humidity. Never ignore indications that your AC unit is not working properly.

Here are some of the most common but often neglected AC problems, and how you can deal with them:

Air Flows Poorly

Poor airflow forces your AC unit to work more intensely than the average, which results in hefty energy bills and early wear and tear. Poor airflow is likely a result of poor maintenance. To improve airflow, you should check if the air filter and coil aregrimy.

Warm Air Blows From the Unit

Warm air can be a result of two things: dirty air filters and inadequate refrigerant. Try cleaning your air filter to allow cold air to flow through. If your unit has an inadequate level of refrigerant, you may check if your unit is simply undercharged or if it leaks.

Only qualified AC technicians, like Apex Air conditioning, should perform air conditioning repairs to ensure quality workmanship.

Electric System Fails

If the unit does not turn on, or if it is losing power while cooling a room, chances are your air conditioning system has faulty electrical connections. An electrical system may fail if the unit is turned on and off too frequently, and if you are cooling an oversized space. Enlist the help of an air conditioner specialist for appropriate electrical repair.

The Unit Cycles too Frequently

An AC unit that cycles too frequently may mean that the unit is inappropriately large for the room. The thermostat could also be improperly placed where the cold air is blowing, causing it to behave erratically.

Whenever there are indications that your air conditioning unit might not be working properly, acting quickly on it to prevent damage is far more reasonable than spending too much to buy a new one.