Solar Power – Renewable Energy’s Vital Contribution to Camping

Solar PanelsEver since camping became a leisure activity or career for some, people have been looking for compact sources of electricity. Batteries were the answer for a long time, and it still is. Nothing packs so much in a little packaging than handy batteries. Only when renewable energy caught the attention of the international community was the little shells of power had a rival.

Although not as ready-to-use as batteries, solar power kits used for camping are able to store more energy. You can fill it before setting out so you won’t have to worry about sunless days. Recent versions of solar kits are foldable, to make it fit in a bag easily.

Brief History of Solar Power in Camping

Harnessing the power of the sun is a relatively new innovation. It’s only some years ago that companies were able to implement the technology widespread, and it’s still not that common these days. Back then, power in camping came from batteries and generators. These big, noisy electric boxes disturb the local fauna and possibly endanger the campers.

There was always interest in making more efficient sources of power in camping. Packing more batteries is hardly the answer for trekkers, so does bringing a bigger generator. Car batteries proved useful for a time, but its price meant it was impractical for most campers.

Solar Power in Camping

Before, as long as it powers the lighting and other electronic devices, it was enough. Technology moved forward, and so does camping requirements. Campers often bring their phones, mobile GPS and a satellite phone for those venturing the less trodden track. So, if they needed ways to charge their things, someone will provide it. Extensions were then made to replenish the battery packs of each apparatus.

Solar power has one massive advantage over other compact power sources: unlimited power. Granted the sun will be there when you need it, you won’t have to worry about running out of electricity.

Unless someone learns to utilise other power sources, solar power will be here until the foreseeable future. Fortunately, solar kits proved to be effective time and again. Need power in camping? A few solar panels will solve your problem.