Drones and Construction: A Safer Way to Survey

droneWhen it comes to quadcopter comparison, the choice between flight time and the power of the camera has always been heavily debated. Many would argue that a longer flight time is more ideal, as it allows you to capture more images.

This debate is even more pronounced in the world of construction. Surveying is now considerably easier and safer with drones. With a quadcopter, workers don’t have to go up dangerous heights just to survey a construction project. This not only makes the whole job safer; surveying itself becomes more accurate.

Flight Time and Camera Power

The choice between flight time and camera power depends on the kind of construction surveying you’ll have to do and the end result you want to expect. Ideally, you’ll want a drone that flies longer if the construction project is larger and you need to survey a bigger area. On the other hand, you’ll want a more powerful camera if the project requires more detailed pictures of the surrounding area.

Those who compare the walkera voyager 3 vs  inspire 1’s specifications usually prefer the former simply because of the flight time, which is about 20-25 minutes, as well as its camera power which boasts 4k video output at 30fps.

Weight and Maneuverability

The DJI Inspire 1, however, has its own advantages. For one, the drone weighs considerably less than the Walkera Voyager 3 which, despite its relatively short 18-minute flight time, gives it more maneuverability and speed in the long run. This is crucial for longer surveying, as you can’t always expect that flying conditions are always ideal, and sometimes, you’ll have to maneuver through obstacles to get the right photo.

Size is also something you should consider. While not exactly larger, the Walkera 3 is bigger than the Inspire 1. Its size plays a big role when it comes to more in-depth surveying where a smaller drone would be ideal to capture images that can’t normally be seen by workers.

In the end, the choice of drone depends on what kind of surveying you’ll be doing. If the construction project is larger and the flying conditions are ideal, the Walkera 3 does the job easily. On the other hand, the Inspire 1 is better for in-depth surveying that requires careful navigation and “maneuverability.” Check out some drone reviews for more information regarding on these drones.