Keeping Your Cables and Wires Safe and Protected from Damages

Cable Management Keeping your cables and wires clean and working properly can be very stressful. Pets can chew on them, dust can easily accumulate, kids can play with them, and it can simply stop working properly due to wear and tear. But, there are plenty of ways to prevent all of these. Here are some tips from Engineering Supplies to help you do just that.

Buy Heat Shrunk Cables

There’s a process called heat shrink tubing that allows the tube to contract upon warming. This method protects cables and wires from different environmental hazards like acid, oil, and water. Manufacturers use this to bundle cables together and relieve strain and colour code cables and wires. Buy this type to maintain your cables more easily.

Keep Cables Out of Reach

If your cables and wires are just lying flat on the floor, chances are it will get the attention of pets and kids. Leaving it there can also cause people to fall to their face. To make your home a safe place, simply use adhesives or clips to attach your wires together to furniture or walls. Do this for computer cords, lamp cords, phone cords, and other cords that are long. You can also buy a cable box or surge protector to completely conceal cables from kids and pets.

Prevent Pets from Chewing on Wires

Pets chewing on cables and wires can greatly damage your gadgets and appliances or even completely break them. If you can’t keep them closed somewhere or off the ground, there are plenty of other ways to prevent your pets from doing this. Use a split wire loom to protect your wires not just from pets, but also from heat, water, ice, friction, puncture, vibration and abrasion.

Cables are pretty easy to maintain, but some homeowners tend to neglect them and keep them cluttered. Don’t be like them by following these tips to prevent any damages to your belongings simply because of damaged cables and wires.