Satellite Internet Coverage: Getting Connection in Remote Locations

Satellite InternetSatellite connections are the primary alternative to terrestrial connections, and are often the only way you can get connected if you live in an area that cannot support the latter. Although fibre optics is still better, these connections provide ample coverage over very wide distances, often across continents, making it ideal for remote locations that require Internet but cannot support the installation of conventional connections.

But satellite bandwidth isn’t strictly just for remote locations. Even if your property or development has Internet, it still pays to have this as a backup in the event something goes wrong.

Satellite Backup

Developments in out of the way areas require Internet access; it’s just a fact of life now as everyone around the globe is becoming more and more connected. Unfortunately, even if there’s a chance that there will be a terrestrial installation in the area, you can’t guarantee that the connection itself is reliable or will allow you to communicate and do the work efficiently. notes that acquiring satellite bandwidth means getting backup in the event that the terrestrial installation has poor connection. One of the challenges that conventional connections face is the land where it will be installed itself; in almost any remote area, the landscape is uneven and isn’t exactly installation-friendly. This is further confounded by manmade structures that may interfere with the connection itself.

Satellite connection isn’t affected by any terrain or obstacle as a geostationary satellite can typically cover a very large area, even across entire continents and oceans. This is crucial for businesses that are too out of the way, such as oil rigs and off-shore explorations where establishing terrestrial connections is either too costly or just impossible to do.

Satellite Speed

In most cases, the speed of satellite Internet connection actually surpasses the conventional choices. It isn’t as fast as fibre, but in areas that only have dial-up or broadband, satellite connection is a big jump as most providers boast megabit speeds. It’s important to note that the connection is also more stable, which means that it is reliable in the long run.

Finally, satellite connections are arguably more cost-effective than their terrestrial counterparts, and this is mostly due to the lack of installations involved.

Even if your company already has a terrestrial connection in place, there’s no harm in acquiring a satellite connection for that one rainy day when connecting is near impossible to do. It pays to be prepared after all, and Internet connection is something that you can’t simply live without these days.