The Secret Ingredients of an Excellent Event Video Production

Video RecordingIt is understood that documenting an event through video is not as easy as hitting the record button on a camera. The whole process takes a lot of time, equipment, and crew members. But of course, these are not the only ingredients to this. These three are just as important as the lens and lighting used to cover any event:

Low Impact

A production crew can easily disrupt an event – and this is something that shouldn’t happen. So, it is important that the whole production effort has minimal impact to the occasion. The crew is there to document the event, not be the stars of it. Every professional in the field of video production services would agree that disruption must be as little as possible for the video to turn out great.


Similar with disruption, safety hazards could make a negative mark in an event. Videographers have a lot of gear, especially when the crew is large. Without proper preparation, the gear could serve as obstacles and tripping hazards for the audience. A simple accident like a fallen light stand may shut down an entire event, so it is important for the professionals to carry out safety procedures before shooting, according to Kirk Douglas Video Productions.


Storytelling is what makes every video stand out. A collection of clips should – as a whole – tell a story, not just show what happened in the event. This is why it is important to know how to sequence and edit video clips because this is where the story is written.

At the end of the day, the video should achieve more than just displaying the event that just happened, but telling the tale of how it came to be, who attended, and how well it went through the videos.

It is one thing to have the right equipment and the right staff to cover an event. It is, however, another to pull off an excellent video on record. These three things are essential for any video to stand out – and these are necessary for every production.