The Future of The Rising Fiber Optics Market

Fiber Optics MarketIf there were appropriate analogies to describe the state of the fiber optics market today, they would either be a runaway train, or a launching rocket. There seems to be no stopping the rise of fiber optics, and analysts are not finding any evidence of it slowing down anytime soon. If there was anything that people can use for quick investment opportunities, this would be it.

Upside Across The Board

Network bandwidth demand is the primary driver for the growth of this industry. The similarly growing demand for smartphones, tablets, and now wearable technology is quickly turning the available bandwidth into a crowded domain. Analysts forecast the global fiber optics market to grow by as much as 9.49% from the current year until 2020.

This is good news across the board, as even fiber optic online retail sites like Optdex can expect to see significant gains in the next few years. All these layers have to do is play their cards right, and they’ll be able to comfortably ride the market wave to new heights.

A Global Game

Observers, particularly in the U.S., have seen providers deliver an average Internet connection speed of over 4mbps. The fast connection has allowed vendors to develop entire business models built solely on the availability of higher bandwidth and minimal latency. The best example of this was when Samsung bought SmartThings for $200 million to enter the US market back in August 2014.

These companies are dependent on the continued high bandwidth levels to continue providing their service. They’re the ones feeding the rapid expansion of the fiber optics market, and will continue to do so, as their existence lies in staying ahead of the competition.

Nobody should forget that the fiber optic market is a global one, and each region has its own powerhouse, jockeying for position on the international stage. The only real challenge in grabbing a piece of the action at this stage is the high initial investment that’s required to deploy optical networks. Nobody can say for sure how everything will play out, but it’s guaranteed to be exciting to become a part of.