Are Younger Workers More Prone to Work-Related Injuries?

Work InjuryNo one is truly safe in the workplace when it comes to work-related injuries. Despite the solutions you use to protect your premises against common work accidents and injuries, your employees might still fall prey to various kinds of slip, trip and fall, says But, are younger and newer workers more prone to these?

A number of studies have shown that young workers, in particular, had a higher amount of incidents in the workplace than middle-aged and older employees. The workplaces with the highest amount of incidences are construction sites, mining areas and restaurants.

Incidence and Frequency

Researchers found out that most of the accidents in the younger age group are employees who are casual workers or part-time workers. Young workers on a casual employment are more common victims both in incidence and frequency of work-related injury.

On a per worker basis, the research indicated that young male workers have the highest incidence rate of work-related injury. But, when it comes to a per hour worked basis, young female workers raise higher numbers of work-related incidences. Burns account for the largest proportion of incidences in their workplaces.

Compensation and Claims

The number of serious accidents among young works calls for an improved planning, in terms of working dynamics and premise protection. Most of the young workers who took part in the aforementioned study were revealed as not covered by any workers’ compensation schemes available in the region.

Because of these, most of the employees did not or could not warrant a claim. Company owners can look into this fact and other than improving their premises’ safety and protection, make sure that their employees, both the young and the old, are covered by available compensation schemes.

To make a business work in whichever industry is to take care of the laborers behind the product or commodity a company puts out. This means making sure the environment is pleasant, safe and the workers are afforded the rights and claims they deserve.