Want to Improve Efficiency and Eliminate Waste? Learn About The 5s Solution

WorkplaceThe 5s solution generally involves identification and storage of used items, maintaining the workspace and the items, as well as maintaining the new order. Decision-making is based on standardisation, encouraging deeper understanding among workers on how to perform their tasks.

At its core, 5s aims to develop standard ways of carrying out essential tasks and eliminating non-value processes. An effective program should bring about efficiency, quality and safety to employees.

5s Process in Workplace

Basically, implementing the 5s solutions methodology means that you are organising and cleaning up the workplace. It improves working conditions and helps reduce waste and unexpected downtime. This method is universal and works for every organisation across the world.

  • Sort – This involves identifying all items in the workspace and distinguishing the essential from the non-essentials. Only essential items should remain in the work area, while the non-essential items should be kept in the right place but not in the work area.
  • Straighten – Every essential item should be assigned to its best location, and should be returned to its assigned location after use.
  • Shine – This ensures that the workspace is neat at all times to prevent unwanted or unforeseen incidents.
  • Standardise – The work area should be kept to the specified standard. This is through following procedures and checklists for different activities if available.
  • Sustain – This generally involves making the other four phases the organisation’s culture. Regular inspection of the work area is necessary for compliance to set standards.

Less Waste, More Efficiency

The ultimate result of 5s methodology is improved efficiency. This is because the non-essentials items are removed from the workplace, making it easier to get the items you truly need on a regular basis. Time is therefore spent in a productive way as opposed to looking for items that were supposed to ready available when needed.

To bring efficiency and quality to every work area, implementing the 5s methodology is essential. Build an organisational culture that eliminates waste and improves efficiency, so you are more successful.