Crazy, Fun Facts About 90s Computers That Will Make You Miss the Old Times (or Not)

Computer-Related FactsRemember when you had those big, bulky computers in the 90s and all the fun but remarkable things they do? Well, it’s now time to relieve them by revisiting amazing facts, such as…

  1. Dialing Up

You may want to buy an SFP-10G-LR to speed up your computer now, but back in the day, patience was indeed a virtue. Getting proper internet connection was not as easy. You had to wire the connection and prevent anyone from using the phone to avoid losing connection.

  1. You’ve Got Mail

Okay, so Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan probably did not appear on your screen, but who could ever forget that “You’ve Got Mail” message that the AOL person says every time you receive an e-mail? It’s definitely noisier than the pings and buzzes of chatrooms you might have joined in these days.

  1. Emoticon Galore

Before kaomoji, there were emoticons — cute sticker-like things you can send to the person you’re talking to online to convey your emotions. Roses for the one you fancy, a peace sign, and even a snake. The choices were endless.

  1. Snazzy Fonts

Jester, Comic Sans, and Jokerman. Back in the day, these fonts were treated with utmost glory because they were used to jazz up homework or even create printout cards for various occasions. Nowadays, it’s all about minimalism.

  1. Floppy Disks

Forget USBs and SD cards. Forget about the Cloud, too. Back in the 90s, floppy disks — in various colors — were one of the main storage devices invented with only 1.44 MB of capacity. Imagine how small that number is today.

  1. Learning with Encarta

In the 90s, especially when Google was not around yet, Encarta — also known as the encyclopedia in CD-form — was the main resource for anyone who wanted to learn what schools didn’t often teach.

The world of computers has really changed so much since the 90s, but these memories would always bring fond memories to mind.