Adjusting Your Business for Growth

Adjusting Your BusinessStarting your own company or expanding your existing business takes time, money, and patience. Overnight successes are known to happen, but they’re not exactly a dime a dozen. And they aren’t really overnight successes; often people see only what happens when that kind of business is already big, and not what went into the business to make it as successful as it is. Thus the misnomer of “overnight success”.

Here are only a few of the things you have to go through when you’re expanding or starting your own business. These don’t apply to all businesses, but they are as general as possible.

Hiring the right people

Not even hiring the right people is possible overnight. This takes time, preparation, and deliberation. Otherwise, you might as well be picking anybody off the street. Your first concern would be skill match. But many successful entrepreneurs say the skills only fall second to culture fit. Do some research on how to find out if an applicant is a culture fit with only a few questions or observations. A person who is highly qualified skills-wise may not stay long if they do not fit in the company culture. A good culture fit, however, can learn more on the job and is more likely to be loyal.

Buying the right equipment

Equipment is typically expensive, but if you want to be more profitable it helps to have state of the art facilities. Trying to cut corners by buying cheaper alternatives may serve you for a short time. But in the long run, you might spend more money trying to fix and maintain your cheap equipment. Buy from trusted brands and manufacturers. Wherever applicable, choose equipment that has passed a highly accelerated stress test. This kind of test simulates the stress the equipment is likely to go through over time. Your maintenance management will be easier if you can base the schedule on such tests.

Maintaining quality

One common problem when a company expands, branches out, and generally becomes less manageable for a small team is a dramatic reduction in quality. Your services or products may suffer problems because of this. As early as now work on applying scalability to your company. Your hiring is also crucial for this step, as you must be able to trust the people you hire to maintain the kind of quality you’ve become known for.

There are certain things you should never compromise in your pursuit of growth and better profit margins. So before plunging into expansion, do some precise planning and coordination.