Practical Strategies to Increase Security in Your Factory

Security RiskThe security of your factory should rank high in your priorities for expenses. The money you put into security may not generate more income, but the worth of good security is one of those aspects that pays for itself by preventing losses.

To improve the security of your factory, here are some hacks you may follow: 

Restrict access to critical components and equipment

Letting just about anyone into your warehouse is a huge security risk. Employees’ friends or family should have a waiting area in case they visit. If you have guests, always have them escorted. Some factories open their doors to field trips for schoolchildren. Prepare a closed viewing area for such activities.

Only authorised personnel should touch sensitive machinery

Some machines or equipment are highly specialised that only trained personnel should be allowed anywhere near them. These personnel should have special key cards just to make sure access is limited. A specialised portable printer may come in handy for printing needs like this.

Hire in-house security

Hiring a security agency may allow you to save some money. But if you want to be sure that your security personnel remains loyal, consider hiring in-house. Paying security guards well is better for your own safety than paying a pricey agency that does not pay their employees well.

Install proper lighting

Sometimes it’s as easy as walking around inside and outside your factory to check for spots that need better illumination. Not only is lighting good for security, but it is also a must for safety. Your security guards will have a harder time guarding the premises if they have to use a flashlight all the time. Keep the exterior properly lighted. And for the interiors, make sure the switches are easy to reach and identify.

Install security cameras

Security cameras that record activity in and around the factory 24/7 act as a deterrent as well as provide valuable evidence if something goes wrong. To add more to the security, the cameras should run on an independent power source, and record in an off-site location.

These are a few of the items you should look into if you want to improve the security of your factory. Lack of security can lead to risks, losses and downtimes. Don’t wait for that to happen to you.