Shooting Raw: How Important Is It?

PhotographyIf you’re a budding photographer, you’ve probably heard your mentors remind you repeatedly to always shoot raw. Even that friend who has an online photo retouching service that enhances your photos urge you to use that file format. 

So, what is it about shooting raw? Why is it so important to photographers? has information about this below.

Raw Files Get You the Highest Level of Quality

Probably one of the biggest benefits you can get from shooting raw is its premium quality. Every time you shoot raw, your camera records all the information it got from the sensor. You don’t want your images to be processed into a JPEG format because it gets rid of most of the data and it compresses the file. Shooting raw will allow you to have the freedom to edit your photos freely post-process, so you can produce quality results.

Raw Files Get Better Detail

Shooting raw provides you entry to noise and sharpening algorithms when using powerful editing software like Lightroom. Besides, these software always have regular updates, so you will be able to reuse your raw files and update them with future improvements.

Raw Files is the Pro Option

Raw files usually have the highest quality of an image and if you want to pursue your dream as a professional photographer, it is best that you start to use it now. With raw files, you will be able to control image issues, such as blown highlights and banding. You can select the right color space for the image and achieve proper color balance.

You’d have to thank the recent innovations in photography because it is now easier and faster to process raw files. You will be able to provide your clients premium quality images without the hassles this file format used to encounter in the past. Go ahead and live your dream as a photographer, but make sure to rely on raw files to be your helping hand.