10x Content: Why Your Clients Need It

10x ContentMore than 90% of business-to-business marketers use content marketing to help their clients have a stronger online presence. Because of that, almost two million blog posts get published on the internet every day. With this tight competition, what can you do to give your clients a bit of an edge? Start with creating content ten times better than the others.

Surpassing the Level of an “Okay” Post

In digital marketing, content is king. SEO Reseller Program always says creating relevant content does not only provide useful information to users but it helps improve the search rankings of a client, as well. In recent years, you could get your client’s site to rank in Google just by being first on a specific topic. However, Google continues to raise the bar, in terms of content. Together with the rise of semantic search, Google continues to roll out updates that reward sites with content primarily aimed at helping users reach their search goals. What does it mean for you and your client? You can’t just focus on keywords when creating content — you must produce quality blogs, editorials, and copies that would be beneficial to your client’s target audience.

Setting the Client’s Brand Apart

With a 10x better content, you won’t just make your client’s site rank higher, but you can also set their brand apart. When creating the best resource on topics related to what your client offers, you help their brand become an authority in their field. In turn, more users will trust the brand and its content. This means higher conversion rates for your client, which could eventually lead to an increase in revenues.

By creating amazing pieces of content, you can maximize the full potential of content marketing. So this year, consider spending more time on improving your content and start producing 10x content.