Be Updated! Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

SEO in BrisbaneIt’s December and 2017 is almost here! Along with the new year comes changes to the norms that have dominated the year 2016. These norms can be in fashion, technology, science, and more, including digital marketing.

Trends of 2017

As you prepare your Brisbane business’ marketing campaigns for 2017, you can enhance your plans by taking advantage of the new trends. These trends have been observed by experts and predicted to dominate the year ahead. What are these trends? Here is a short list.

Customer at the Centre

When it comes to digital marketing in general, you can expect for customer experience to rule 2017. The customer is now front and centre as businesses attempt to stand out by delivering unique and unforgettable customer experiences. You can take advantage of this by distinguishing your business from other Brisbane businesses in terms of customer experience.

New Algorithm

When it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO), Google is improving its algorithm and web spam identification. Dubbed Penguin 4.0, you can expect to change your link acquisition strategy to utilise the new algorithm. Penguin 4.0 aims to remove low-quality links as well as unnatural links while promoting naturally acquired links.

Content is Still King

Not all of the predicted trends for 2017 are new. Some of the trends in 2016 are still expected to continue on over to the new year. Valuable content is still a vital part of SEO in Brisbane. You can produce more detailed articles and blog posts to boost your website’s rankings.

Data to Remain

At the same time, data is irreplaceable to illustrate ROI and motivate business growth. You can still continue to use data in 2017 in order to increase returns in media and opportunities for engagement. You can also protect that data from falling into the wrong hands. Cybersecurity in digital marketing will be a new norm in the year ahead.

These are only some of the observations experts have made for 2017. Can you discover a trend yourself? You can use all of these trends to further boost your digital marketing and to ensure success in 2017.