3 Smart Strategies for Improved Customer Service in the Tourism Industry

call center servicePeople are traveling now more than ever. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, there were 1.184 billion individuals who traveled outside their country for at least one night in 2015. This continued demand has something to do with the exchange rate fluctuations that leave people with more disposable income.

The boost in tourism means travel agencies are as busy as ever. Since it’s a competitive industry, neglecting to provide quick response to inquiries about flights and tour information is usually an enough reason to lose a customer to someone else. Here are a few ways to avoid that.

Active Social Media Accounts

Any business needs social media accounts as a transparent communication between them and their customers. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to let your customers know about the latest promos and sales. You can also answer queries using their built-in messaging systems.

24/7 Customer Service Line

Despite the popularity of Web-based communication, many businesses still receive some telephone calls from both consumers and vendors, according to United Call Center. Make your business available to anyone, anytime. Having a 24/7 customer service line ensures that you don’t miss any call. If a customer has to wait for your business hours to reach you, it will be less likely you are going to secure a booking.

Online Booking

Most airlines and accommodation companies enable customers to make an online booking in their websites, so why shouldn’t you too? Giving their clients the option to make and finalize their booking makes the whole transaction simpler for both parties. You don’t have to invest in human resources to handle booking, and the client will be less likely to change their mind.

When it comes to a customer service industry, communication is the key to success. Providing your customers simple and straightforward ways to talk to you will ensure that they won’t bring their business somewhere else.