Four Available SEO Opportunities for 2019

Website development and SEO conceptThis year, like the previous ones, is promising to be an exciting year for businesses that rely on search engine optimization for the furtherance of their operations. As you would expect, most of these changes are related to algorithm changes aimed at generating better results.

Not knowing the prevailing opportunities can place your business on the downward path, as you may not manage to take the necessary advantage. You do not want your website to become irrelevant within the blink of an eye. Even as you invest in social media like many other business owners, remember to put some focus on SEO opportunities to get a competitive advantage. Or maybe you just need a better SEO company.

Here are some opportunities that could influence businesses in 2019:

Opportunity 1: Alternative Search Engines

Many people believe that Google is the only search engine around. Did you know that at 2.41% market share as of January 2019, Bing offers a good alternative to your search engine requirements? In some countries, it is actually outperforming the other engines. For instance, it commanded 33% of market share in the United States in 2017, as reported by You want to maximize such search engines when possible. Its optimization is not so different from that for Google, so you can gain immensely if you use the two options. For instance, you could publish content and then do thorough social media promotion.

Opportunity 2: Voice Search

Voice has been trending for several years now, and 2019 will be its year. It is turning out that web sessions a drifting towards screen-free search. Voice search is a simple technology that enables users to interact with a device through voice- no need to type keywords. The hallmark of this precise technology is speech recognition. It is interesting that this technology has been around for some years now, yet users are yet to optimize it.

Examples of programs that offer the service are voice dialing, Microsoft Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant. As a business, you need voice search for various reasons. First, teenagers and adults alike are opting for voice search in their droves. Second, the technology is improving fast so it is becoming more efficient every day.

Opportunity 3: Organic Traffic

Increasing website trafficDid you know that up to 70% of click-ons are from organic SEO? That is why the secret to successful SEO in 2019 is focusing on freshness. Your SEO partner can help you analyze the web world to make sure you are not following a route that leads to failure. To make full use of organic traffic this year, you want to make your website as relevant as possible. Second, you need to market powerfully and optimize cleanly.

Opportunity 4: Google AMP Stories

This year will be successful for Google AMP Stories, and businesses do not want to miss on this excellent opportunity. The AMP Stories concept is part of the AMP Project from Google. Websites can apply this visual storytelling solution that is similar to Snapchat and Instagram stories. Since they are web pages, AMP stories are SEO friendly. Some of the benefits of this technology are:

  • Freshness in content marketing
  • Mobile-centric
  • Perfect format in terms of visual appeal and crispness
  • You can share them across apps and sites


How good is your SEO so far in 2019? History suggests that the rules of SEO are ever dynamic. Whatever solution worked in previous years may not have an impact today. Google AMP Stories and voice search are already the talk of town and businesses are already taking them up. What are you waiting for?