Ozone Generators: What Are Your Options?

girl covering her noseUnfortunately, you are not entirely safe from allergens and odours in your environment. While some business environments might get away with unpleasant odours and the presence of allergens, this might be the primary cause of your hotel’s downfall. There are different cleaning solutions that you may use for your hotel, but they will not completely rid it of the allergens and odours. The best solution is an ozone generator. Ozone is a strong oxidant that oxidizes microorganisms and odour-generating particles when it comes into contact with them.

An ozone machine from a UK-based manufacturer will effectively kill all impurities and leave your hotel’s air smelling fresh. Moreover, it will sterilize your establishment’s surfaces, hasten the growth of flowers and plants, and decrease the rate of spoilage of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, and meat. The following are the types of ozone generators that might change your hotel’s ambience for the best:

Ultraviolet Ozone Generators

These use a light source for the generation of ozone gas with a concentration of approximately 2%. The primary use of ultraviolet ozone generators is air purification. However, they are only used for small rooms since their ozone output is very low. The generators suffice only for the air purification of individual hotel rooms, and this might make them expensive for a large establishment.

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

When using these generators, ozone gas is generated by the creation of an electric field on a dielectric surface. The generators will split the oxygen molecules in your environment into single atoms that will combine to form ozone gas.  The air in your environment is the only supply of oxygen for a corona discharge ozone generator. With a frequency of at least 1000 Hz, this generator is considered the most cost-effective and efficient for big establishments.  Corona discharge ozone generators unfortunately produce a lot of heat when running.

Cold Plasma Ozone Generators

air purifier

These are currently the most common options for air purification in hotels. When using cold plasma ozone generators, oxygen is introduced to the cold plasma created with a dielectric discharge. The cold plasma results from the application of a high voltage in a gap found between two poles in the generator in the presence of noble gases. Once in contact with the cold plasma, the diatomic oxygen atoms are split into single atoms that will then recombine to generate ozone gas. The generated ozone gas in this instance has a 5% concentration.  The use of cold plasma ozone generators is unfortunately expensive, although it generates a high ozone gas amount.

Electrolytic Ozone Generators

These use water as their starting substrate and generate ozone gas from the splitting of water molecules into ozone, hydrogen, and oxygen. The hydrogen molecules are removed from the split mixture, leaving oxygen molecules, which are further broken down then re-combined with the ozone gas molecules. The ozone generated by an electrolytic ozone generator is 20 to 30% concentrated.

The last thing your hotel guests want to deal with is an unpleasant smell or a flare-up of allergies. The ozone generators mentioned above will prove essential in keeping your hotels’ air fresh and clean. With the increasing competition in the hotel sector, you cannot afford to ignore these generators.