Digital Marketing for Medical Practice

Doctor in hospital using a digital tabletMedical practices, like other types of enterprises, need efficient marketing to boost profitability and build a good public reputation. Accordingly, in healthcare marketing, various methods are sought for fostering connections with current patients and advertising services to gain prospects.

If you own a small medical business, whether it is an overall healthcare establishment, dental clinic, nutrition center, or dermatology clinic, there are numerous ways that you can elevate your marketing through the help of digital platforms.

Below, we’ll discuss several digital marketing strategies and tactics that you can utilize.

Social Media Contests

Maximize your use of social media sites. You can gain feedback and engagement by creating interactive posts such as an online contest.

Contests are extremely effective in increasing brand interest and engagement. Keep the mechanics simple and set a free service as the prize. For example, if your clinic specializes in dental care, offer a free session of teeth whitening treatment to the person who can garner the most likes on a post about self-confidence wherein your clinic is tagged.

By holding a contest, your page will capture attention and people will be encouraged to like and share ad posts about your contest.

Varied High-quality Content

Instead of following a standard routine and style in your posts, such as limiting them to announcements and promotions, upload a more varied series of social media and web content. For instance, share some preventative health tips for educational purposes. You can also post some infographics, interesting trivia or survey results from a study.

Always do a quality check for the content on both your website and social media pages. You also have the option to employ professional assistance by coordinating with an agency that provides search engine optimization (SEO) services. SEO focuses on optimizing a website’s appearance and content to make it more attractive to search engines.

Many companies offer SEO services for dentists, chiropractors, general physicians, dermatologists, and other healthcare providers. They also take measures to tailor-fit the tactics to suit the unique needs of medical practice.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Social media ads are encompassing in nature, and they can be utilized to reach a wider scope of an audience beyond your usual target market segment. Remember that more is not always better, though. Reaching multitudes of people is not as reliable as advertising only to those who have an actual interest. Because really, what’s the point of reaching people when you’re not likely to get responses?

By using targeted Facebook ads, you can develop leads and convert them into sales. For example, you can opt to give away a coupon for a discounted or free service. This tactic works by introducing a customer to the practice and providing them with commendable service. As a result, there will be an increased chance of getting a repeat visit from that customer.

Cross-promotion Marketing

social media icons on a phone screen Social media not only allow you to connect with your patients, but other businesses as well. Try to do some cross-promotion with other healthcare establishments. For example, advertise a medical spa or optometry clinic on your social media page, and in exchange, they will do the same for your business.

To do this, you can simply share their page, account, or website. You may also include an associate link in a post where your interested audience will be redirected.

Although the objective and purpose of a medical practice may seem nobler than most commercial enterprises, it is still a business which can only be sustained through sufficient generation of profits. Therefore, prioritizing marketing to enhance financial growth is essential for a healthcare practice’s success.