Organize Your Life with Different Online Tools

Life gets really complicated quickly. Between school, clubs, jobs, and socializing with friends, staying organized and on track can be hard. Luckily, there are some really helpful tools out there that can help you get organized.

If you need to be more productive with time management, get things done faster, or organize your life better online, try these different tools:

At School

Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar, you can easily integrate it with your Gmail account. It’s as simple as visiting the “Calendar” tab on settings and clicking on ‘Add a Gadget.’ Then you’ll be able to select from a variety of tools. Some examples are below:

Wunderlist is a great app that allows users to create lists for anything they want or need. There are also some other features on this app worth mentioning. For instance, if you share a list with someone, they will get alerts every time you make an update. And if their device is near them, it will make those updates immediately. Wunderlist automatically syncs to all devices, so you always have your lists on the go. 


If you’re a member of any online clubs, Slack is the perfect tool for staying in contact with them! It’s an app that allows you to keep conversations and files organized among club members. So, for example, if one person has access to a list of upcoming deadlines and meetings, they can share it on Slack, and everyone else will be able to see it.


Pinterest is what you would consider a “visual organizer” and can be a great tool for school use. Users can make boards for anything they want. It’s really easy to stay organized on Pinterest because you can organize your pins via collections/folders. You can even look at colleges and classes through the Pinterest app with boards and figure out which can suit you best. Pin your choices while making your board!

Once you have decided on your schools, you can look them up further and add them to your board for future references. Private universities? Public institutions? The search is endless.


It is a simple but effective app that’s great for staying organized at school. You create lists of your tasks, and then whenever you complete one, mark it off on the list — which Todoist will color-code for you!

If you’re preparing for projects or even college applications, you can use Todoist to keep track of everything like your GPA, preparing college requirements, and searching for schools that you can get into. If you’re eyeing specific schools, better make sure you can get in, like California Polytechnic State University, whose acceptance rate is 28%.

Research both private and public universities, make a comparison chart, and then use Todoist to list requirements.

At the Office


One of the most popular tools for getting organized is Trello. This tool will allow you to create boards for all your organization’s needs. For example, you can have a board where you list daily goals and track progress on them.

Or maybe another board where your schedule projects and deadlines for each one. You can even use it to keep track of projects that involve multiple people since it has user-friendly sharing options which let others add them to certain lists!

At Home

Google Photos

g suite mobile application tools display on a smartphone

If you use Google Photos, there are some great ways to organize everything in one place. First of all, any photo that’s automatically backed up in your Google account will be saved into albums sorted by year and location (i.e., Disneyland 2017).

You can even search these albums by typing out anything that’s in them! For example, if you want to see all the pictures from last summer at Disneyland in one place (organized by date), type “Disneyland” in the search bar, and every photo with those words in them will pop up.


If you’re looking for an app to keep track of all your daily chores, Toggl is a great tool. You can input the tasks you have to do, set time limits, and then track how long it takes you to complete them! This will be helpful in the future when you need to estimate how much time everything will take.

Organizing your work will help you stay on top of everything. Using these online tools, you’ll be able to set all the tasks for yourself and make them as detailed as possible!