How to Make Your Website Friendly and Engaging for Seniors

old hands typingThe Internet has never been this accessible. Customers young and old are scouring the World Wide Web looking for informative, engaging, and relatable content.

As a brand manager, you need to identify the audience that your business needs to capture. It could be children or teenagers looking for party ideas, or young professionals searching for career growth, business owners who want to expand their portfolios, or even mums and dads who are simply finding ways on how to better parent their kids.

An Overlooked Audience

Among the most common but often overlooked online audience are the seniors. The inevitable physical and cognitive limitations brought about by older age may result in many repercussions that might prevent them from making the most out of the online world. They might have some difficulties in reading words, retaining thoughts, or processing digitally complicated content.

As such, it is important for you to keep your website senior-friendly. Perth web design and development teams do these with the following steps:

•Design your website in a simple and straightforward way. Complicated website designs might confuse your senior visitors, and they might end up hitting the back button to search for other websites with simpler presentation and easier navigation. You can enlist the service of a web design team to help you organise and present your online niche in a way that is friendly and engaging to seniors.

•Make your content easier to read. Using subheadings and grouping your ideas into categories, for instance, would make your content more readable and engaging. Use uncomplicated type face and bigger font size for easier reading.

•Present your ideas concisely. Too much vertical scrolling, for instance, might present technical difficulties especially among seniors who are not too adept in using computers. Some seniors might be having some difficulties retaining information, and so presenting too many ideas all at a single time might confuse them.

Advocating your brand to your senior audience would require you to create an online site that is easier for them to navigate and read. By making your website concise, simple, and readable, you are on your way in creating an online site that is relatable, engaging, and relevant for your elderly audience.