It’s Never Too Late: Getting Over a Google Penalty

SEOA Google penalty can take anyone by surprise, even SEO professionals. It could be the result of an algorithm update or a consequence of committing some black-hat SEO tactics. Either way, read on this discussion from Zoo SEO to find out what you are dealing with and how to get back on track.

What You Did Wrong

If your site somehow triggered one of the safeguards of Google’s algorithm, then you will get a penalty. But, it is also possible that Google has particularly reviewed the website and spotted a breach in its guidelines—for instance, poor user experience for the sake of site ranking or backlinks, which mainly determine whether a website can be trusted or not.

Why Should You Care

Google is adamant on its quest in making accurate information accessible online. This means that they constantly upgrade their algorithms to improve user experience, among other things. If Google has an issue with your website and gives a penalty, this will negatively affect your page ranking and brand name. You may have been working your way up the page ranks, but unfortunately, you will experience a significant drop. Imagine running a search on your site and getting no results. If you do find a listing on Google, it will not be your home page, but on some random page on your website. This also means you have been virtually removed from the cached results.

How to Get Back on Your Feet

There is no need to distress. You do not have to abandon your site if you seek help from a Google penalty removal service. It may seem like there is little you can do, but there are professionals who can recover the work you’ve done. A great way to rebuild your site and get over this setback is by getting help from a Google penalty removal service.