Social Media Marketing Myths: 3 Things that Kill Your ROI

Social Media AppsIn the business world, marketing is like oxygen. It keeps things going; it is the key to growth and better conversions. With social media controlling a huge chunk of the Internet traffic, many business strategists show interest in social media marketing. The interest is noble, but some implementation strategies are not.

Many social media marketing strategies work on myths rather than facts. Even though using these strategies might bear immediate results, the actual ROI from these results is more often than not useless.

Here are some of the myths.

Buying fans and followers make you more popular

This is a wild gamble. Paying for your fans or likes will get you a huge number of chaff with some bits of quality grain. The true ROI rarely matches the number of fans you have. A better alternative would be investing in a strategy that grows your following organically.

This will ensure that all your followers are loyal to you and your content to the very end. This is similar to how search engine optimization works.

Choosing too many social media sites

More social media sites = more traffic. This is simple, straightforward logic. But, social media marketing isn’t that straightforward and simple. It’s more than doing a bit of marketing on each platform.

Focusing on one or two platforms with the bulk of potential readership increases your conversion rates. For instance, if you are photo or fun oriented, Facebook and Instagram are a great idea. Professionals, on the other hand, will find better returns on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Overwhelming your readers

Sharing too much too soon is obnoxious. Imagine how you would react to a steady stream of posts from a single follower or friend on Twitter or Facebook. Many people tend to get bored. Your content might be interesting, but social media is not all about your brand. Give people some breathing room.

If used well, social media could increase or triple your business’ presence in the market. Keeping your goals and purposes clear throughout the implementation is a sure way to keeping the fire burning strong.