Two Unbelievable Web Design Techniques that Boost SEO Efficiency

Business PlanMichigan is one of the busiest cities in America. Any business that plans to survive needs to conquer the streets and the online market simultaneously. The key to the latter is a good web design that is appealing and uses SEO techniques.

Proper Balance of Responsive and Dynamic Designs

According to Studio 7, there are two different methods that designers account for when designing: responsive web design and dynamic web design.

Responsive design – this type of design allows a single website to automatically change its layout to optimize the size of the screen users view it on.

Dynamic design – a dynamic design is when the script chooses what and what not to show on the screen depending on the device that displays it.

Both are necessary because you do not want to waste time making a separate portal for desktop users, another one for mobile phones, and another one for tablets. However, Google crawlers do not automatically pick up dynamic content.

This is because a browser pulls up dynamic content, not the search engine crawler. Google crawlers do not try to emulate browser activity, so it is very unlikely they’ll pick up the content even when it is visible on the screen. A proper mix of both is thus necessary to achieve better results.

Perfect Visual Hierarchy

The most successful websites all share the same web design philosophy: they are easy on the eyes and easy for crawlers to navigate through at the same time.

The construction of pages needs to take advantage of human reading behaviors, such as F-patterning. Space and texturing of words help give or reduce emphasis on particular parts of a page.

Proper typeface selection is crucial because the width and style of each font can either draw attention or slink in the corner so that something more important – such as a call to action button – may get more of the spotlight.

Exploring the page layout and human behavior allows designers to create pages that catch the attention of consumers. A proper knowledge of SEO and such research is thus essential to create an excellent marketing campaign.