The Evolution of Outdoor Advertising: How It Helps SMEs

Outdoor AdThink outdoor advertising is only for huge companies, such as Google or Vogue? Think again.

Small and medium businesses five decades ago were not like they are today. So, outdoor advertising is no longer an impossible choice for you. Back then, newspapers, posters and even leaflets were among the go-to strategies to market a business. Now, billboards have become the ideal option to strengthen brand and engage bigger audiences.

In every city and major roads, there are many billboards in different sizes and shapes. Each of them strives to compete for attention, announcing products and services. As the outdoor advertising sector is quickly evolving, why not take a look back at how businesses use it before.

News Bulletin Billboards

According to several studies, billboard advertising became popular after the invention of lithography. Using paint and canvas print outs, traditional billboard advertising was not as great as it looked in the 20th century. Constructed of metal and wood, the signs are often large. But, whenever it rains, the content disappears.

Wall Branding

Wall branding started in 2002. Most SMEs use empty wall spaces to market their products or services. Wall branding is still in use today, as companies cannot ignore its own fair share of benefits. It is one type of image-building advertising, which can give any type of business the right exposure it needs.

“Image is everything when it comes to business,” industry professional Route2Take explains. “Given the importance of maintaining a great business image, it is not surprising that companies and businesses are spending lots of money to build and uplift their brand. They focus on creating clever ads that appeal to people, while still delivering the true message of their business.”

Digital Billboards

This year, the market for outdoor advertising is booming with the help of digital signage systems. Huge digital billboards and video-wall systems are gaining in prominence. This does not mean, though, that traditional billboards are no longer useful.

From simple, plain white to colourful, LED billboard, there is no doubt that outdoor advertising helps SMEs survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace.