Web Based Gym Management Software: Features to Help You Boost Your Revenue

Training GymA great gym management software application shouldn’t only function to streamline your daily gym management tasks, but more importantly, help you increase profits and cut operating costs.

Here are some basic money making features of web-based gym management software to look out for:

Class Registration Online

Offering online class registration is important, so your gym members can easily sign up for available classes and view other classes they can go to. It also helps you in cutting costs since your staff will have more time to do more important tasks on-site.

Online Fitness Record

This feature allows your members to record and monitor their own overall workout progress, body weight, measurements, and others, so they always know where they stand and what they still need to do to achieve their fitness goals.

Sending Personalized Workout Routines

This is particularly useful for gym members who don’t have time to regularly go to the gym, are out of the country or town for business, or those who sometimes prefer working out by themselves. You can choose to charge members with a small fee for this service, so you can increase your profit and offer an excellent option for members who just need a professional workout routine.

Online Product Catalog

If your gym sells merchandise, you can use this feature to bring in extra cash by allowing members to view and purchase your merchandise online at the comfort of their own homes.

Online Instructional Classes or Videos

Depending on your preference, you can choose to just upload instructional videos for those working out at home or better yet, hold a live, online workout class. You can also charge a fee for this, but make sure to also offer free demos or videos so that members and potential members will have a taste of what they’re paying for.

Online Member Accounts

Undoubtedly one of the best features you can offer since your members will be able to easily view and keep track of all their gym related information with just a few clicks.

If your existing web based gym management software doesn’t deliver these features, you might be missing out on extra profits — so find one that does.