Major IT Security Breach that Can Cripple Your Business

ServerIn the past couple of years, the accessibility provided by the Internet has led to both the rise and fall of major companies in the world. In fact, you are witnessing the height of accessibility like never before.

Some private servers and hosting services have become too vulnerable that numerous hacking attempts have become common. The worst part of it all, the majority of these breaches – ninety percent — is actually preventable.

This is the reason businesses are boosting their IT Security. Singapore-based companies like and other IT firms are in demand more than ever. They pinpoint the vulnerability of each company and determine how the situation can be helped.

Here are the three major errors of companies that lead to huge security breaches. Do not fall prey to these simple mistakes.

Free Apps for Site Access or Checkouts

Using free apps and widgets may seem like a smart option in the beginning, but as your business grows, it becomes a major security issue. There is no guarantee that the passwords and information of your clients will stay secure.

Data Hosting

There is a huge difference between personal hosting, third party hosting, and the security nightmare that is free hosting.  Personal hosting is deemed the safest option, as the storage is large enough to accommodate increase in data without any compromise in security.

Training and Briefing Employees and Clients

Do not neglect the power of proper training and knowledge. Failure to train and brief your employees and even clients on the security procedure can cripple your company. Even a simple disclosure on your company security can prevent major breaches from happening.

Keep these simple mistakes in mind and assess your current security setup. Consult with a trusted IT company today to see how you can remedy these vulnerable points.