Cloud Based Team Collaboration Tools: More Efficient than Emails?

Cloud ComputingIn the past, business professionals would check their emails right after getting to work. This took up a chunk of their time, checking on projects and updates that got through after office hours.

Now, more users take advantage of cloud-based collaboration for communicating inside the office. But, will internal communication software replace email for business communication? Metier says a system that enables real-time reports, has dashboards, and alerts users can help organizations become successful by standardizing processes.

If you’ve yet to consider the possibility, then you might’ve not been using it enough.

Real Time Communication and Updates

Many business professionals spend more time checking email than doing paperwork. But, with a team collaboration tool, employees can have access to updates for internal operations. You get fast responses and updates that save you time and effort. Real-time communication and faster file exchange makes for a more efficient collaboration with your colleagues.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Everyone in an office setting has experienced the grueling task of sending and receiving emails. All the time spent making these electronic messages reduces the productivity of employees. With a collaboration messaging tool, you can connect more quickly with your staff and customers, allowing you to address issues and give solutions almost instantly.

Avoid Loss of Information and Confusion

Following an entire thread of forwarded emails can be confusing. Emails can be easily lost with the stacks of unread messages, cc’s and bcc’s.

A dashboard can help eliminate confusion by sharing tasks with the right people and giving the freedom to edit a shared document for the whole team. It creates a hassle-free and direct communication line with everyone associated with the project.

The power of a collaboration tool is connecting more people at once and getting instant replies. The tool enables quick sending, viewing, and editing of document. With this tool handling time and documents better, it’s possible to have a future where inbox isn’t the first thing we check, but the instant messages we get.