The Importance of an SEO Audit for Your Website

SEO Services in PerthKeeping up to date with the latest search engine changes cannot be underestimated. Failure to adapt to these changes can negatively affect your position on search engine result pages. An SEO audit examines all the aspects of your online presence; this includes both the good and the bad areas that may need improvement.

Most of Perth’s SEO experts audit a website’s page ranking, conversion rates, backlink profile, and social media interaction. Additionally, an SEO audit may look at the bounce rate and outbound links.

The online marketing agency of share the benefits of having an SEO audit:

  • Know the current state of your site and issues that may affect your visibility
  • Learn about your competition and strategies they use
  • Help you come up with a plan to improve your conversion rates and leads
  • Discover if your website can be crawled and indexed by Google
  • Apply the right strategy that will help you increase your domain rank

What an SEO Audit Entails

A customised SEO audit looks at the following areas:

On-page optimisation – search expert look at your titles, Meta tags, images and content. Your content should be unique; titles should be easy to read; images must have optimised tags. Meta descriptions should be compelling to prompt clicks from site visitors.

Site speedthe speed of a particular site has an impact on your ranking. Slow websites affect your SEO scores, and you also risk losing potential customers.

Link profile – what type of links are you getting? Are they genuine and reputable? An SEO expert will be able to tell if the links are from sites that have similar content to your own.  Furthermore, SEO audits can help you check if your site has any broken links and 404s, as these can have a negative effect on your web optimisation

There is more to online marketing than putting up and optimising a website. As a site owner, you need to make sure your search methodologies are delivering results, and a comprehensive audit can help you do just that.