Is Disavow a Bad News for Your SEO Campaigns?

SEO Experts in PerthAt its core, the Disavow Tool has a single purpose: eliminating harmful links that point to your site. However, the tool is actually more for Google’s consideration than for webmasters and website owners. A lot of misconceptions and myths also surround this tool, making people think about whether they should actually use it or if they really will benefit from it.

There are several reasons you would want to use this tool created by the giant search engine, including the following:

When you receive a manual penalty.

Manual penalties are the primary enemies of webmasters and website owners. So when you receive one from Google, you should use the Disavow Tool right away. Google actually developed and launched the Disavow Tool for this reason.

When you receive an algorithmic penalty.

While algorithmic penalties do not have the same severity of manual penalties, they can still seriously affect your website, especially the traffic it gets. When you notice a drop in your site traffic because of an algorithmic update or change, you most likely should put the blame on bad backlinks. According to, use the Disavow Tool to recover from this issue and get your traffic up again.

As a backlink maintenance tool.

A critical part of the maintenance of SEO campaigns involves routine checks for any bad links pointing to your site and its link profile. Take advantage of the Disavow Tool while you perform this task. It will help you remove these harmful links quickly and efficiently.

Use the Disavow Tool even when you have not received manual or algorithmic penalties

Even when you have not received any manual or algorithmic penalty at all, you can still utilise the Disavow Tool. A good example is when you think someone is attempting to make your site look like it has negative (or black hat) SEO. Another great time to use this tool is when you notice a build-up of links pointing to your site that you do not control.

Keep in mind, though, that this tool can be quite complex and difficult to understand. Fortunately, SEO experts specialise in the Disavow Tool, so you can rely on their help to get the most out of this Google tool.