Backpacking in the UK: Budget-Friendly Destinations and Tips

Aerial View Of United KingdomSo you’re planning to visit the UK but you’re worried about your budget? Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, there are places you may visit in the UK that are perfect for cheap travel.

Here are some of them.

  • Northumberland Coast Path, Creswell, Northumberland. Best for walking, hiking, picnics. Pros include panoramic beauty that’s perfect for photography buffs, breath-taking wildlife and fresh air.
  • Exe Estuary, Exeter & East Devon, Devon. Best for riding a bicycle with your friends, family or significant other. Pros include abundant wildlife and lovely, windswept scenery.
  • YHA Brighton and other nearby hostels, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. Stylish yet cheap accommodations. Perfect for backpackers, especially the younger set who don’t mind making friends and sharing a room with a few. Hostels allow you to cook your own food; this means a lot of savings in England.
  • Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Best for walking trips, immersing in the local culture and trying out the local cuisine. This is a perfect walking trip for those who love to mix and mingle with the locals and share in the culture.

As you’ve probably guessed from the examples above, the best way to save on your UK trip is to backpack it. Before boarding your flight, here are some reminders on what you should always bring with you.

  • A sturdy backpack (or satchel). Roll-aboards are too big and heavy. A backpack or satchel that has enough space for what you need but doesn’t get too heavy is ideal. Remember you’ll be walking for most of your stay. Make sure the bag is sturdy or you might easily lose things to thieves or bag failures.
  • A phone. Most travellers wouldn’t use a phone unless they absolutely had to, which means there are situations when a mobile phone is the only thing you need. To save on roaming fees, buy a SIM card for the UK before leaving Australia. Make sure your phone is not on network lockdown, which means only a SIM from your telco will work with it.
  • Comfortable shoes. Aside from the pair you’re wearing, you might want to bring an extra couple of comfy walking or running shoes. With all the walking and cycling you’ll be doing, getting your shoes damaged or soaked won’t be far from possible. It’s best to have a spare pair so you don’t have to spend more money on new shoes.
  • A sports water bottle. When you travel, you won’t notice how fast your money is disappearing on drinks: soft drinks, sports drinks, bottled water, etc. Bring your own bottle and fill it up wherever free distilled water is available.

Backpacking is a great way to enjoy a UK trip on a budget. It’s also the best way to meet people and make friends and memories.