Want to Achieve Your Goals? Consider Gamification

GamificationThere is an increasing trend with the application of game-like elements to non-gaming activities, such as voting patterns, psychology, traffic violations, employee recruitment, health and fitness and a lot more.

Like you receive gaming rewards, industry experts at Intecq Limited explain that the use of gamification can help you attract the attention of your target market. The gaming rewards act as an attraction that encourages you to play a game. The gamification of non-gaming activities provides similar rewards when you are able to successfully reach the target.

What are the Applications of Gamification?

Some of the applications of gamification are as follows:

  • Advertisement: Many companies use gamification to evaluate the market and develop advertising strategies. Normally, this will involve the provision of rewards or prizes on purchasing the product. However, the gamification theory will indicate the type of rewards that should be provided for a particular group of consumers.
  • Data mining of employee performance: Many corporates use gamification to evaluate employee satisfaction. Based on the results they can develop strategies to induce efficiency amongst employees. This data can also be used to create teams to ensure better performance.
  • Health and fitness: Many nutritionists use gamification to help candidates achieve the desired weight level. Gamification can be used to keep people looking to lead a healthy lifestyle interested in maintaining a certain level of health and fitness.

So gamification can be used to evaluate human behaviour in various sectors and market situations.

Additional Applications of Gamification

Although gamification was primarily developed to evaluate the psychology of casino customers, it soon found applications in evaluating the behaviour as well as the emotional nature of people. Soon, it found applications in fields like Economics and Social Studies. Gamification can also be used to evaluate various socio-economic stimulus’ and how people react to them.

Gamification, undoubtedly, has myriad applications and is not just confined to a single field.