Online Reviews: How They Help Boost Local Search Rankings

Online ReviewsWhen you want to try something, may it be a product, a restaurant, or an accommodation, it’s undeniable that you look for what others think about it first before you commit to it, right?

WebSuitable shares that online reviews drive a brand’s local search ranking and performance. So, if you own a business, it’s high time that you prioritize feedback from customers.

Why They Matter for Local SEO

Consumers trust and go by what online reviews say, most of the time, and that’s why local search engines love online reviews. They are in the business of providing consumers with the most accurate information to help them make wise decisions when it comes to purchasing items or hiring services.

To get you started, Google My Business shares the key factors on what makes an effective review. Relevance involves updated, detailed business information that helps match your content and listing to common local searches.

Prominence refers to the information about your business available on the web, including online reviews, scores, and ratings.

Lastly, distance or the proximity of your business listing’s indicated service area on Google and the location in the search query.

Responding to Negative Reviews

This is where online reputation management comes in. But you also have to remember that this is an avenue for conversation. This way, you can interact with a dissatisfied customer and ask about which aspect needs improvement. Plus, this shows consumers that you care about their experience.

This goes to show that customer feedback is essential in increasing your brand’s ranking on local search engines. Don’t expect things to make a turn for the better right away, though, since this is a process that may take a while before you see the significant effects it has on your brand’s online presence. A little patience goes a long way, which is why you should consider paying more attention to what others say about your products and services.