How to Know Which SEO Reseller is Right for You

SEOThere might be tons of SEO resellers at your disposal, but you have to be cautious when deciding which one to partner with. In general, you have to consider the following factors and specific elements when making your decision:

  • Specific Features: Which ones will be most appropriate for your clients?
  • Customer Support: Primarily, you have to make certain that you could contact them if you have any issues or questions regarding their services.
  • Price: Check which reseller could offer you the most for your money, while keeping in mind that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better or vice versa.
  • Site Audits: Send a report of site factors that your client’s website requires, such as error pages, redirects, metadata, including description and title, as well as other on-page factors. Your SEO partner could then come up with improvements to resolve those issues.
  • Keyword Rank Monitoring: An expert from SEO Reseller Program notes that those who resell SEO services must be able to give reports once weekly or monthly regarding search rankings they’re targeting. Determine the number of keywords the reseller could offer in a month so that you could align it with your client’s requirements.
  • Link Building: Find out which specific link building activities the reseller performs and ensure that they observe only the most effective and legitimate optimization practices.
  • Content Grader: See how optimized website’s page is provided the keyword phrase that it is intended to rank for.
  • White Label Reporting: Check how they provide progress reports, specifically if it’s easily understandable and clear, and if you could easily put your personal brand on them.
  • Increased Search Rank: All in all, the success of your SEO reseller partnership would mainly depend on their ability to deliver results — get your client’s site to rank high in SERPs. However, all reputable SEO experts know that results cannot be guaranteed, so instead of asking what a reseller could deliver, ask to see their past or existing clients and go from there.

Take note however that although the main purpose of partnering with an SEO reseller is so that you could better focus on your company’s core competencies, you also have to consider getting at least one in-house SEO expert to oversee your SEO reseller’s reports and projects. He or she would be the one to communicate with your SEO reseller and make certain that they’re delivering the services you paid for.