4 Types of SEO Audit

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SEO is currently the buzzword in digital marketing. Though it cuts across all forms of digital marketing, most companies focus their SEO efforts solely on their website. That said, their social media and PPC platforms continually suffer from losses. You can employ several SEO tactics on all the platforms you use for digital marketing. These techniques are designed to complement your website’s SEO efforts and boost its overall ranking on search engines.

The key to reaping the benefits of digital marketing, as an SEO services provider from Raleigh, NC would explain, mostly lies in auditing. An SEO audit scrutinizes different metrics in your online marketing. The results are used to assess the impact of your SEO tactics and change them accordingly to deliver your desired objectives.

Here are some types of SEO audits that will prove beneficial for all businesses regardless of their digital marketing platform and budget, as well as their company’s size.

1. Duplicate Content Audit

Having duplicate content on your marketing platforms is one of the biggest mistakes that might cause your site to get blacklisted on search engines. Other than this, you might be forced to pay steep fines for plagiarizing other people’s content. Different online tools can be used to scan numerous articles and notify you of any duplicated parts in your content. Depending on your content’s type and volume, your SEO adviser might recommend using a premium tool instead.

2. Search Analytics Audit

Keywords and the right phrases remain among the most powerful driving forces of SEO. It is, however, an uphill task to determine which exact keywords and phrases will work for your digital marketing efforts. Search analytics audit tools are your best solution in this case. They filter various data and evaluate the performance of different keywords, as well as help you choose the best keywords for your website.

3. Social Media Visibility Audit

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There are different social media platforms these days. Social media visibility audits are essential to ensure that your marketing efforts on different platforms are effective. With excellent visibility on social media platforms, you can be sure that your content on these platforms is shared and distributed widely. There are many free and premium social media visibility audit tools. While some will only collect metrics, others go more in-depth to benchmark your social media impact.

4. Inbound Link Audit

Building links to different content on your website is one of the most effective ways to reach a significant online audience. To assess how effective your marketing platforms are at getting inbound website links and what content generates the highest links, an inbound audit link is essential. The most effective inbound link audit tools are those that evaluate your overall link acquisition in relation to your content marketing assets.

Anything that you cannot measure in digital marketing is often ineffective. The above SEO audits generate different metrics that might not make so much sense to your in-house marketing team. This makes the use of online tools generally ineffective for your business. Get an SEO expert to recommend which audit tools work best for your marketing, as well as help you understand the metrics you collect and act accordingly.