Keep Your Kitchen from Driving Up Your Electricity Bills

modern kitchenYou don’t have to endure high energy bills even when running a full commercial kitchen. Switching to more energy efficient systems and keeping your appliances in shape can help you lower power consumption.

Switching to customizable heating solutions such as component heaters saves your business a considerable amount of money each month. A full-service kitchen will consume three times as much energy as a commercial building of the same size. Well, that is when using conventional commercial heating solutions to meet your needs.

Most of the appliances in a commercial kitchen are energy users. Throw in the constant need for hot water throughout the day, and your electricity bill goes through the roof. Fortunately, you can meet all these needs without compromising on quality.

Espouse Preventive Maintenance

Kitchen appliances need to be in tip-top shape to run smoothly and efficiently, which is great for your power bill. It’s in your best interest to keep power-hungry equipment such as deep fryers, ovens, and burners from consuming more energy than they need. When an appliance isn’t working correctly, it means that you need to run it longer to get the same results.

Having to bake your bread or cakes for an extra ten minutes increases your production costs. It means that you need to price your pasties higher than the competition to turn a profit, which can dull your competitive edge. Simple maintenance, such as keeping the seals on oven doors, ensure, that appliances run optimally. Preventive maintenance increases the service life of your devices and lowers your power and maintenance bills.

Go Green

No, going green doesn’t mean shunning all modern appliances and going back to the 19th century. Far from that. It means making conscious changes to your kitchen appliances with a goal of eliminating wastage. It could mean switching to a more efficient water system in the kitchen.

See, hot water is a core component of a busy kitchen as you need to cook food and clean the dishes. Switching to low-flow faucets and pre-rinse sprayers comes with considerable advantages. The most obvious one is that you get to cut down your water consumption.

Given that you will be cutting back on the use of hot water as well, your power bills will go down. The flow rate of an efficient pre-rinse sprayer is enough to meet your needs while eliminating water wastage.

Fix the Plumbing System

plumber fixing the faucetNext to fixing any leak in your plumbing line, insulting the hot water pipes is the best way to lower your energy bills. You want to ensure that not a drop of the expensively heated liquid gets lost in the way. You also want to ensure that the water gets to the intended destination without losing too much heat.

Heat loss incidents cause the furnace to work harder than necessary to meet your needs, which means that you will have a steep electricity bill at the end of the month. Overworking the furnace lowers its life span, increasing the likelihood of breaking down.

You don’t have to put up with steep electricity bills each month when running a commercial kitchen. There are creative ways to lower your power consumption without compromising on quality and hygiene. Keeping your equipment and plumbing system in excellent shape will get you there.