The CD Isn’t Dead: Why Discs Are Far from Being Obsolete

The advancement of technology has been both a boon and a bane for businesses. When DVDs came into existence, VHS tapes soon became a thing of the past. When Netflix and video streaming came into existence, video rental firms lost customers and had to close shop.

Now, with music streaming becoming the main method to listen to your favourite songs, many people say that compact discs (CDs) will soon join the VHS tapes and video rental stores into oblivion. Some even say that the near future has no more room for businesses offering disc publishing systems. However, regardless of the hype over music streaming, the CD is far from becoming a dinosaur. Discs still have a place in today’s world.

Nostalgia remains high

Streaming has made it so much easier for people to listen to the music they want. With just an online subscription, anyone can search for their favourite artists and download all their songs. Then, they’re good to go. It truly beats having to sprint to the nearest CD store and wait in line to purchase the latest album of a popular band.

It doesn’t mean, though, that people no longer miss the times they have to form lines at the entrance of a record store to wait for the release of their favourite musician’s album. Despite the difficulty, some individuals still prefer that kind of experience compared to downloading content. The ease in downloading music kind of steals the excitement and thrill in discovering something new about an artist. And some people really miss that feeling.

People love reading CD jackets

white cd and black case

Another reason that some still prefer CDs over downloading music is that they long for any information they can get from CD jackets. They like reading about who wrote the music and lyrics of the songs and every other detail they can find.

Of course, Google can provide the same information that music lovers look for about their favourite artists, but some people prefer to have a jacket to hold onto. They want something physical to hold onto about their beloved musicians and bands, so it’s still safe to say that CDs are not dead.

Streaming isn’t the default mode

Another argument that CD lovers have about why the compact disc is still here to stay is that not all individuals have access or willing to subscribe to these music streaming platforms. And even if they’re willing to subscribe to these streaming websites, not all of them have 24/7 access to the internet.

On top of that, there’s a certain freedom to purchasing a CD and listening to it anytime you want. Despite streaming’s convenience, not every person is fine with being at the mercy of internet connection and monthly subscription fees.

Even if music streaming is making it more difficult for CD manufacturers to do business, the death of the compact disc is far from happening. Discs are still very much alive and fighting the good fight for those who appreciate a little nostalgia when it comes to listening to music.