Simple Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Having an environmentally friendly home not only helps your surroundings, but it’s also cost-effective and rewarding. You can also enjoy energy efficiency and lower bills, but also your home will require less maintenance for a longer period. 

Here are some tips for a more environmentally-friendly home:

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly 

  • Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water

More energy is needed for heating water in a washing machine. To save energy, use the cold water setting in your washing machine. This way, you can keep your clothes in good condition and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Hot water can actually damage the fabric and make the color of your clothes less vibrant.

However, if your clothes have stubborn stains like oil, you can try the warm setting. It’s still better than the hot water and more efficient for cleaning than the cold water setting.

  • Switch to Eco-Friendly Gadgets

You can switch to eco-friendly gadgets to help with the environment instead of the usual electronic gadgets in the market. For instance, a smart thermostat can save more energy as you can control the temperature remotely with your phone. It can also react to your phone’s GPS so you can automatically start the heating function as you go home.

You can also opt to use mosquito traps in your yard. They are more environmentally friendly as they have no dangerous chemicals, and can be used for a number of times before needing a replacement. For speakers, try the bamboo iPhone speakers for an eco-conscious accessory. Bamboo has a natural resonance so you’ll have excellent music quality. 

  • Skip The Dryer

Instead of using the dryer during sunny months, you can dry your clothes outside in the fresh air. Your clothes and beddings will actually last longer if you hang them outside. Just remember to give your clothes enough space on the clothesline so air can circulate. Leave at least an inch between each item for an even dry.

You can also use wooden pegs to reduce the use of plastic ones. They’re suitable for heavier items like towels and bed covers. Just keep them inside when you’re not using them as they can decay outside. This can also cause stains on your clothes. 

  • Swap Regular Light Bulbs For LED Bulbs

Invest in the right energy-efficient light bulbs so you can use less energy and make your home environmentally friendly. They also last longer so you can save more money in the long run. LED lighting is more efficient as it doesn’t need reflectors or diffusers to trap light. LEDs also emit small amounts of heat, compared to incandescent bulbs that give off 90% of energy

  • Plant Your Own Herbs

Have your own herb garden so you don’t have to purchase outside. They take up a little space, and they’re much fresher. Herbs are very easy to grow and you get the benefit of eating something that’s organic and healthier for you. You can start with seeds or transplants, some potting soil, and a small space. 

Aside from adding more flavor to your dishes, they provide lots of health benefits to your body. You can also opt for medicinal herbs like chamomile, goldenrod, lemon balm and oregano. Some herbs like peppermint help improve focus, boost your mood and cure nausea. Oregano is full of antioxidants and cilantro is great for detoxification. 

  • Use Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products have no harmful chemicals, but they’re as effective as regular products. Some natural cleaning products are more expensive, but you can make your own by using items in your pantry like baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar.

Creating your own cleaning products also ensures that they’re safe for your family and pets. There are lots of harmful ingredients in regular cleaning products like hydrogen peroxide, bleach, alcohol, and compounds with the word “phenol”. Homemade cleaning products also improve the air quality of your home and remove pollution. 

Due to the high supply and demand for cleaning products especially nowadays, they tend to increase in cost. Cleaning your home regularly with these products will make the cost add up quickly. When you make your own cleaning products, you’re not only reducing overall costs, but you’re also free to create multi-purpose cleaners you can use around the house.

Saving the environment starts in our homes. An eco-friendly home aims to reduce costs and recycle things as much as possible. Follow the tips above so you can have an environment that’s not only cheaper but also healthier and safer for everyone.