The Importance of Boosting Your Brand

We often hear the word “brand” when we talk about businesses. In general terms, a brand makes a product or a service unique among competitors. It makes a business stand out from other businesses.

Forbes gives an in-depth definition of a brand. It states that in the beginning, a brand refers to the name given to a product or service coming from a specific source; it’s synonymous with a trademark. Coke, for instance, defined its brand name, so people who are purchasing the product know it’s made by the company.

By the 20th century, marketers realized that there’s more to a brand than giving it a name. A brand nowadays refers to the overall perception of consumers on a specific product or service. It’s about conditioning a consumer’s mind to associate a specific quality with a company’s product or service. A brand is both factual and emotional.

Once again, let’s take a look at Coke as an example. Its factual attribute is its red label; its emotional attribute comes from how people see what a Coke means to them. For example, a Coke drink can be shared with friends or family. It triggers a person’s emotional senses.


Branding is important in any business. According to Business Insider, branding has two building blocks: corporate image and positioning.

Corporate image refers to the company or organization creating the product or service. In some cases, it can be the literal creator of the product, like a scientist or entertainer. Positioning, on the other hand, is the image of the product.

Through branding, your business can reap several benefits. It can help people remember your business. Using a distinct logo and powerful visual elements can help people remember your brand and distinguish it from competitors.

Branding can also build customer loyalty and trust. Great branding can make consumers see you as a credible business. Branding can also give your audience clarity on what your product or service is about. With great branding, customers can recognize the amount of work you put into creating your products and services.

We can conclude that branding can make or break a business. To help you with creating a brand for your business, here are some ideas:

Clarify your message

Before telling people what your brand is about, you must clarify your identity as a business. What are our values and mission as a company? What is the message you want to send out to your consumers? After defining these, all other branding elements will follow.

By knowing your identity, values, and message, you can now match them with your website design, social media profiles, and other materials.

Also, always show authenticity; consumers appreciate this. A simple message is more believable than an overly-stated one.

The power of media

To reach your customers, using the media is essential; you must use it well.

Most small businesses are selling personal brands; these include service providers like personal trainers and consultants. If you want to build your brand, veer away from boring headshots; always display great quality photos that show your personality to attract more clients. It also shows that you are updated on current trends.

Take advantage of current innovations. Social media is readily available and an easy way to reach your customers. Even your camera phone can create an opportunity for you to build your brand. By simply recording quick video content about your product or service can boost your brand.

By using social media and online communities, you meet your target market where they are currently at. Most people nowadays are online; therefore, putting your business online increases its visibility.

Define your niche

To truly separate you from other businesses, you have to know which specific part of the market you are targeting. Are you targeting teenagers, moms, or older adults? Defining which demographic your service or product caters to can help you streamline your message.

Once you define your niche, you can now start with your value proposition. A value proposition is what your product or service’s value is to the consumers. By doing so, you are helping your target market understand how your business can add value to their lives.

Add value to your brand

Branding is not always about selling. Your customers do not want to see a business that is hungry for money. They do not want to see what you can get from them; instead, they want to see what they can get from you.

Therefore, advertise your brand by creating helpful, well-researched content that can improve your customer’s lives. While you do this, you’ll soon find that you are developing a following and building trust among your customers. By doing so, you also make your brand human.