Top Business Tools You Might Need Today

Due to travel restrictions, many businesses have made the best of the situation by adjusting to becoming more available online. User experience and building an online presence have become one of their many objectives nowadays, from customer service to “window shopping.”

The digitization was all the more reinforced by the pandemic, making online shopping over in-person shopping the new normal consumer behavior. Businesses try to adapt to these latest trends to reach their customers.

With the use of digital tools, running a business online is easier and more convenient. There are multiple tools available online, but it all boils down to what fits business needs best. However, for startups, this can be a challenge. With a limited number of employees and budget allocation, finding the best tools for the ideal digital workflow can be time-consuming.

But once the process of experimentation and trial-and-error is done, you will be left with an efficient and effective workflow. Other than digital tools, there are content-making services you can avail like those of content marketing and PR agencies such as Make Honey.

It’s worth knowing what resources are available to help you decide what can work and what can’t. Explore and test out these business tools for various business needs.

Write Right

From marketing copies to writing professional emails, Grammarly is an all-around writing assistant that can help in all writing needs. To help you compose emails to clients, grammatically correct and professional writing is essential. In writing blogs, marketing content, and more, it’s important to sound credible and not ‘scammy’.

Grammarly can help with all of that and more. It allows you to set the tone you want for your text, whether it’s casual, formal, business, etc. You can get it for free or go premium to enjoy more helpful features in your writing.

Professional Design but for Less

During the early stages of a company, it’s crucial to be strategic about what to prioritize in terms of capital. The budget could be allocated for UX design as this is essential to the layout of the website, app, or store. But what about your graphic design needs? It’s just as important, especially for banners for blogs and newsletters.

Canva is a great option for that.  In addition, it’s useful for making logos, business cards, presentations, and more.  This platform provides a wide variety of templates made for different social media channels and more. It’s an affordable alternative if you can’t afford an Adobe subscription just yet. Canva is free but if you want to access more features, you can go pro at a reasonable price.

Take Advantage of Data

Speaking of UX design, you need a way to track your traffic to know what’s working and what’s not. By utilizing Google Analytics, you can enhance your marketing campaigns, content, customer engagement, and user experience. Moreover, it helps you track website activity and the source of traffic. With all this information, you can use it to your advantage. These are essential in forming insights and strategies that will ultimately help the business grow.

Manage Your Projects With Ease

When it comes to projects, there’s a lot of moving parts that need to be assigned, managed, and reviewed. Having a digital tool to help break down and organized tasks and subtasks helps keep the project S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). Many of these tools have risen to popularity since the pandemic. These include AsanaTrello, Quire, Notion among others. These tools usually have similar features but many go for which design or layout best suits their needs.

Video Conferencing

For connecting with clients, prospects, and remote employees, a dependable video conferencing tool will make a difference in streamlining projects, meetings, proposals, and more. In any plan or action, communication is always important. Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams are among the most used apps for virtual meeting needs; they are for free, too. For additional features, however,  avail subscription fees or plans. But for a startup, the free version should be more than enough to keep things running smoothly.

Take advantage of video format

It’s no secret that 15-second videos have an international following. The video format has a lot of marketing possibilities, as Tiktokone of the most popular applications in 2020, has shown. Instagram also features video content in the form of stories, reels, and its own IGTV channel. Both platforms have in-app editing tools for video content that can be utilized for your business.

Furthermore, being active in these platforms can help with brand awareness. Social media platforms can also be considered as business tools, especially with their business features.