5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money as a Work-at-Home Professional

People working in a cubicleAs the workplace keeps expanding out of the office, more people are realizing the benefits of quitting their 9-to-5, cubicle-bound jobs to work at home.

If you are attracted to the idea of working on your own schedule, in your pajamas, and with the ability to stay in touch with your children all the time, consider the following legitimate jobs to help launch your work-at-home career:

1.  Answer surveys.

Get paid for your opinions and answer online surveys conducted by corporate marketing teams. While answering surveys will not make you rich, MyView says that you can get paid a decent amount of money to pad your main source of income.

2.  Write about anything and everything.

As long as companies sell something, they will need writers to craft their communications for them, whether it is marketing copy or corporate communications. Persistence and resilience in the face of rejection are key to a successful freelance writing career.

3.  Transcribe audio files.

You only need a computer and a high-quality, comfortable headset to start, but ultra-fast typing skills and the ability to conduct online research are important too. Many transcription firms hire beginners, and you only need to pass a short test to begin.

4.  Become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants perform typical admin duties, such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, and assisting with social media. This job is best for people who are organised, detail-oriented, and can multitask.

5.  Teach English online.

Be home tuition. Help students of all ages from countries, such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany, practice their English online. Lessons are usually half an hour long following a prescribed set of materials and are conducted over an Internet video app, such as Skype.

Although it is fairly easy to launch a career in these jobs, keep in mind that they are not overnight, get-rich-quick schemes. For you to succeed, you still need the desire to make money and the motivation and determination to work for it.